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Sorrow for the Past; Hope for the Future


Sweet grass in Miners Marsh, Kentville, and a tree in Clock Park, Wolfville, were planted in sorrowful memory of all the First Nations children who died without honour away from family in schools not their own …
and in hope that a path may be forged to mutual respect, regard, reconciliation, affirmation that we are all children of one loving Creator/God.



People of Annapolis Valley First Nation and nearby communities gathered on July 8, 2021, at Miners Marsh in Kentville. Together we grieved the tragic deaths of Indigenous children in residential schools, and we planted healing sweet grass acknowledging that the Creator sees all peoples as one. Thanks go to Wolfville Baptist Church, the Town of Kentville, and Susan Lawrence of Baldwin Nurseries for her generous gift of sweet grass.


We offer special thanks to Carolyn Landry and her sister Neenie Melvin for their leadership in ceremony.

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