About Us

Wolfville Baptist ChurcH

About Us


Wolfville Baptist Church, with a membership of 231,  is uniquely situated by the shores of the Minas Basin in the small, vibrant town of Wolfville set amid farms and vineyards of the Annapolis Valley an hour’s drive from Halifax, and next door to Acadia University and Acadia Divinity College.


Our congregation is diverse in theological perspective, educational level, socio-economic status, age, culture, and individual gifts. We strive to accept and celebrate our differences as contributing to the richness of our worship and ministry experiences. Currently a large proportion of our congregation consists of retired persons and a few young families.  A number of Acadia University students make Wolfville Baptist Church their home during their university years bringing their youthful energy and willingness to help, and enriching our spiritual community. 


We have embraced an ecumenical approach in many of our endeavours, maintaining a solid relationship with churches of other denominations in our area through our work with the Wolfville Area Inter-Church Council including the operation of the Food Bank housed in our building, sharing of special events in the liturgical year, and sponsorship of refugees.


International and Community Care


We are a quietly caring people who support one another and have a strong history of commitment to missions both at home and abroad which we generously support, both financially and in person. Over the years we have sponsored refugees from Iraq, Russia, and Syria, and members of the congregation have volunteered for mission projects in Cuba, Kenya, Bolivia, El Salvador, Honduras, and India. Working with St. John’s Anglican Church, Parish of Horton, and the community since the Fall of 2015, we have brought 15 Syrian refugees to Wolfville, and 4 more await travel documents.


Closer to home and exemplifying our continued commitment to caring for others, we have:

  • a visitation program carried out by our Pastor of Congregational Care and other members of the Pastoral Ministry Team as well as members of the congregation (by telephone and in-person visits);

  • a ministry of song in local seniors’ homes;

  • four choral scholarships fundraised by our choir who warmly welcome the scholars and other student participants into their musical community;

  • a ministry to international students;

  • the prison ministry program to which our congregation gives financially as well as through active participation in Kairos marathons; and

  • the Open Arms Annapolis Valley street ministry program, to which our congregation responds with financial and practical support, gifts of toiletries and personal items, and participation in special events such as the national “Inn from the Cold” walk.


Several ministries have been interrupted or adapted due to the current pandemic.  However, the congregation has responded well to an online format for worship and meetings when gatherings are restricted.