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Music at Wolfville Baptist Church

Our God has created a world of beauty, richness and diversity! We strive to reflect that in the songs we sing, in the traditions we call upon and the new paths we forge. On any given Sunday at Wolfville Baptist you might hear anything from Beethoven to Bluegrass, Gaither to Gospel, Bach to the Blues,  and everything in between! We are blessed in our community with wonderful musicians who represent different cultural, ethnic, and musical traditions with varying abilities and skills. We invite them all to make a joyful noise as we celebrate and worship together each week. There are many opportunities to participate in the music at WBC!

Choral Ensemble


The Choral Ensemble consists of twelve to twenty singers, who meet every Thursday evening from 7- 8:30 to prepare weekly anthems. We usually sing in four parts, so music reading is an asset but not a requirement. About half of our Choral members are note readers. If needed, Heather will help you out with mp3’s of your part, so you can practice by ear during the week. We present two cantatas a year; one during the Advent season, and one leading into Easter. We often have invited guests, both instrumentalists and singers, to help us celebrate these special liturgical seasons. 

Worship Band


The Worship Band brings a more contemporary feel to our services and augments the diversity of musical styles offered at our church. We meet Thursday evenings with Heather at 6:15, but this is flexible depending on the members' availability. If you play guitar, bass, flute or fiddle, we have a place for you in our worship band. Note-reading is an asset but not necessary; some of our members use chord charts.

kidzQuire (ages 6 to12)

On Friday afternoons, from 3:30 - 4:30pm, Heather and co-leader Gisèle Caron meet with a growing group of kids from both the church and the community. We sing about once every 6 weeks during the service and participate in cantatas and other special musical events in the church. If you know of any children ages 6-12 who enjoy singing, dancing, acting and just plain having fun, please tell them about kidzQuire. We would love to have them join us!

Guest Musicians


Singers and instrumentalists who are not able to commit to a regular schedule of music- making at the church, are invited as guest musicians on a regular basis. Come and share your talents with us to help diversify and add interest to our music program. Get in touch with Heather or call the church office if you are interested in participating in this way. 

Music Scholar Positions


Our church supports students who provide a leadership role in music at Wolfville Baptist. This may include choral section leads (SATB) in the Choral Ensemble or instrumentalists in the worship band. A bursary is granted, upon successful application, to a maximum of $500 per term, depending on fulfillment of agreement for rehearsal and participation. Please talk with Heather if you are interested in becoming one of our scholars.

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