Music at Wolfville Baptist

Our God has created a world of diversity. Let us reflect that diversity in our presence with each other and also to the greater community of Wolfville and surrounding area.

Kids Praise Choir (between ages 6 and 12)


On Friday afternoons, between 3:30 pm and 4:30 pm, Heather Price meets weekly with a small group of kids. We are learning some music for a special musical celebration to be held soon as a part of our worship service. If you are between the ages of 6 and 12, or, more likely, if you know someone between those ages who would enjoy singing and maybe even learning a few lines for a play, please send a text or call Heather at 902 698-2468. We enjoy girls and boys who are singers, dancers, and actors! Hope to see you or your young friends on a Friday very soon! 

Small Choral Ensemble 


A small choral ensemble leads two worship services per month at Wolfville Baptist (the first and third Sundays). Our wonderful choristers include:

  • Vincent Leung

  • Rosanne McClare

  • Carolyn Price-Weiland

  • Rob Raeside

  • hazel Walker

  • Jane Hynes

  • Melody Maxwell

  • Michael Jeffrey


The small ensemble brings choral offerings of anthems and hymns with Heather Price leading from the organ. They meet every second week to provide the music for worship services.

Worship Band


A worship band leads two worship services per month at Wolfville Baptist (the second and fourth Sundays). Our members include:

  • Brooke Anderson, guitar

  • Jemita Buchanan, lead vocalist on the second Sunday of each month

  • Beth Crosby, bodhran

  • Rosanne McClare, vocals and harmony

  • Sarah Pound, lead vocalist on the fourth Sunday of each month 

  • Heather Price, keyboard


This Worship Band brings a more contemporary feel of worship to our services and augments the already diverse musical styles offered at our church.

Traditional Choir


Now that we meet en masse again, the choir continues with a strong musical presence in the church the first and third Sundays.

May God bless us all as we reflect God’s presence and love at Wolfville Baptist.

Director, Heather Price