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Opportunity to Help Ukraine


In March 2022, we received an urgent request for help from Baptist Pastor Jerzy Rogaczewski, in Katowice, Poland. He and his congregation are gathering critically needed items to transport to the Polish-Ukrainian border to help newly arrived Ukrainians, and also directly to needy people in Ukraine.

As of April 2022, the WBC congregation (with the help of the First Cornwallis Baptist Church) raised $14,045. The monies were sent to Poland for Pastor Jerzy's Ukrainian Relief efforts.  All funds went directly to purchase the items needed by the Ukrainian refugees; no funds were used for administration.

here to view correspondence from Pastor Jerzy and to see pictures of Pastor Jerzy's relief efforts.

The Board of Global Ministries would like to thank you for your generosity and care.  Our response to this critical need as we help our Polish brothers and sisters in Christ help Ukrainian refugees was so encouraging to them at this time of crisis. May we continue to pray together for God's blessing.

The Board of Global Ministries

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