Ministry Opportunity

Wolfville Baptist Church

Pastor of Families & Community Outreach


About Us


Wolfville Baptist Church, with a membership of 226,  is uniquely situated by the shores of the Minas Basin in the small, vibrant town of Wolfville set amid farms and vineyards of the Annapolis Valley an hour’s drive from Halifax, and next door to Acadia University and Acadia Divinity College.


Our congregation is diverse in theological perspective, educational level, socio-economic status, age, culture, and individual gifts. We strive to accept and celebrate our differences as contributing to the richness of our worship and ministry experiences. Currently a large proportion of our congregation consists of retired persons and a few young families.  A number of Acadia University students make Wolfville Baptist Church their home during their university years bringing their youthful energy and willingness to help, and enriching our spiritual community. 


We have embraced an ecumenical approach in many of our endeavours, maintaining a solid relationship with churches of other denominations in our area through our work with the Wolfville Area Inter-Church Council including the operation of the Food Bank housed in our building, sharing of special events in the liturgical year, and sponsorship of refugees.


International and Community Care


We are a quietly caring people who support one another and have a strong history of commitment to missions both at home and abroad which we generously support, both financially and in person. Over the years we have sponsored refugees from Iraq, Russia, and Syria, and members of the congregation have volunteered for mission projects in Cuba, Kenya, Bolivia, El Salvador, Honduras, and India. Working with St. John’s Anglican Church, Parish of Horton, and the community since the Fall of 2015, we have brought 15 Syrian refugees to Wolfville, and 4 more await travel documents.


Closer to home and exemplifying our continued commitment to caring for others, we have:

  • a visitation program carried out by our Pastor of Congregational Care and other members of the Pastoral Ministry Team as well as members of the congregation (by telephone and in-person visits);

  • a ministry of song in local seniors’ homes;

  • four choral scholarships fundraised by our choir who warmly welcome the scholars and other student participants into their musical community;

  • a ministry to international students;

  • the prison ministry program to which our congregation gives financially as well as through active participation in Kairos marathons; and

  • the Open Arms Annapolis Valley street ministry program, to which our congregation responds with financial and practical support, gifts of toiletries and personal items, and participation in special events such as the national “Inn from the Cold” walk.


Several ministries have been interrupted or adapted due to the current pandemic.  However, the congregation has responded well to an online format for worship and meetings when gatherings are restricted.


The Future: Who do we want to be?


Between March 15 and April 15, 2020, the congregation was invited to complete a survey. The majority of the 51 respondents indicated that they would like Wolfville Baptist Church to be:


1.  Intentionally intergenerational and relevant to all ages including children, university students, singles, families, people in careers, and retired people, embracing new ideas yet retaining valuable traditions and the wisdom and love of our senior members.


2.  Culturally authentic and relevant in worship and ministry:

  • Encouraging us into a deeper spiritual life and to follow Jesus more fully;

  • Challenging us to think about, and share our faith while never losing the core values of the Gospel; and

  • Leading us to take risks in delivering the message of God’s love in passionate and creative ways, especially to the marginalized.


3.  A safe place where people can feel they belong, vital to the community and in tune with needs around us, sharing God’s love in action (e.g., improving food security, addressing racism).


4.  A vibrant Christian community committed to a shared vision of reaching and serving new people.


The Need


Part of our vision for the future is:

  • to build up our ministry to youth within our church and beyond, developing and nurturing their Christian faith; and

  • to reach out into the community with the good news of Jesus Christ.


We need a pastoral ministry team with diverse gifts to inspire our congregation to share the good news of Jesus Christ, and help us recruit and equip volunteers for ministry, supporting the faith development of our current young families, youth and students, and new believers and their families.


Our most recent Pastor of Christian Education and Community Outreach provided focused leadership between 2017 and 2019, and helped us open our doors to people, not only within the church’s walls but in the community. The church has voted to continue this ministry by calling a Pastor of Families and Community Outreach.


A comprehensive overview of our vision is provided in the Ministry Position Description (appended to this document). We recognize that no one person will have gifts in all areas; however, the congregation has identified these ministries as integral to our church.


We would invite anyone who feels called to join us in ministry to send a cover letter and resume to the Wolfville Baptist Church Search Committee at You are invited to also send questions to the Search Committee using this same email address. 


Consideration of applications will begin on December 7, 2021.



Ministry Position Description

Pastor of Families & Community Outreach

revised November 24, 2021


Vision: Wolfville Baptist Church will nurture Christian faith development for children, youth, and adults connected to Wolfville Baptist Church, and for individuals and families in the community who do not belong to an existing church through interactions that demonstrate the love of Christ in the world.


  1. Develop a broad and visible community outreach to families, youth, and individuals not connected to a local church.

  2. Lead the development and growth of Christian education and spiritual formation for all ages during the school year, and for children and youth during the summer months.

  3. Establish active and healthy groups for children and youth, including university and college students.

  4. Foster intergenerational participation, and mentoring in Christian faith development.



  1. Be accountable to the Board of Deacons and work closely with the Board of Christian Education.

  2. Serve collaboratively and in conjunction with other members of the Pastoral Ministry Team at Wolfville Baptist Church.


Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Facilitate and support the implementation of programs for children, youth, and families of the church and non-church community members, including post secondary students that encourage spiritual, personal, and community growth, with an emphasis on programs that assist them to grow into a closer relationship with God.

  2. Facilitate the recruitment, training, and mobilization of a team of children, youth and adult volunteers to lead and assist with ministry to church youth and non-church community members.

  3. Foster relationships with community organizations and programs, schools, and assisted living, where appropriate.

  4. Ensure records are maintained of events including contact information for volunteers, participants from Wolfville Baptist Church, and participants from outside Wolfville Baptist Church.

  5. Raise awareness within Wolfville Baptist Church of needs within our community in conjunction with the Board of Global Ministries.

  6. Conduct initial screening of applicants for support from Deacons’ Discretionary Fund in conjunction with other local agencies and make recommendations to Board of Deacons regarding type and amount of support. Provide follow-up counselling as appropriate to applicants.

  7. Participate as required in the leading of Sunday services, in keeping with gifting and in consultation with other team members.


Qualifications and Education Requirements

  1. Commitment to Christ, and an active and vibrant personal witness.

  2. Integrity, openness, and transparency. Caring deeply for people and relating to others well, resulting in meaningful relationships.

  3. A passion for children and youth.

  4. Theological degree from a recognized university or college leading to ordination (ordained or on the path towards ordination). 

  5. Christian Education training and/or discipleship training is an asset.

  6. Effective communication skills across all ages and various media (e.g. social media).

  7. Significant and relevant experience working with children and youth in a Christian environment.

  8. Pass legal screening (Criminal Record Check & Child Abuse Registry per Wolfville Baptist Church policy) for working with children and youth.


Preferred Skills

  1. Strong theology and heart for evangelism

  2. Leadership and relationship skills

  3. Demonstrated competence in family ministry, especially with children and youth

  4. Commitment to outreach in the community

  5. Familiarity with intergenerational ministry

  6. Experience in team ministry

  7. Ability to communicate effectively: orally, in writing, and by using digital technology

  8. Effective facilitator of groups