message from Trustees

October 12, 2020

Entering the church:

Note: Persons having any of the symptoms of COVID-19 should refrain from entering.

The outside and inside doors to the sanctuary will be propped open in warm weather.

Signage will be visible pertaining to COVID-19 symptoms, travel from outside the Atlantic bubble, wearing of masks and social distancing. Hand sanitizer will be made available at several points around the church, clearly marked.

Regulations require that facemasks or other mouth and nose coverings be worn at all times while in the building, the exceptions will be speakers and soloists. These coverings should be used until after exiting the building.

Contact Tracing: There will be a sheet for people to record their name and phone number.

Seating:  Some pews in the sanctuary will be marked “not for use” so as to maintain the 2 M distancing front to rear. People are asked to move to the center of the open pews FIRST to allow others to follow, always maintaining the proper distancing (2 M) between people or family “bubbles”.

The balcony is open for those who wish to sit in that area.

Everyone is asked to refrain from hugs, handshakes, fist bumps, etc. as this violates the 2 M distancing regulation.

Hymn books and Bibles will be temporarily removed from the pews as they cannot be sanitized effectively between services. The congregation are welcome to bring their own Bibles.

Bulletins (order of service) can be printed at home but there will be a limited supply available.

Offering: plates will be set up at each door so people can make their offering as they enter or leave the sanctuary without touching the plate.

After the service: People are asked to leave the sanctuary pew by pew, starting at the back rows and then working forward as people clear the room. It is important to leave the sanctuary and the building without gathering in clusters.


Exit by the same doors as used for entering.



Washrooms: Please use hand sanitizer before and after using the washrooms. Hand sanitizer will be made available outside the washrooms. Only the main floor washrooms will be available.

Nursery: Closed until further notice.

Sunday school: Closed until further notice.

Sanctuary, entryway and washrooms: Will be thoroughly sanitized after each service.