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Our Boards


 Our goals are to focus on three areas of church life:
           1. Pastoral Care and Visitation
          2. Development of Healthy Stewardship
          3. Continuing the Process of Change

Our vision is to encourage people to work in teams and within their giftedness; we believe that serving God means unloosing our creativity and passion.  It should be enjoyable, not drudgery.  We plan to assist members to discover and develop their gifts. 

Christian Education

The Board of Christian Education functions as a planning and coordinating Board for the overall program of Christian Education in the Church. Programs include: Shine, Youth Ministry, College & Career, Adult Bible Study, Children's Worship groups, Small Groups, Nursery, Summer programs, Vacation Bible School, Performing Arts Camp and the Church Library.

Global Ministries

The function of the Board of Global Ministries is to develop within the congregation an awareness of local, national, and global Christian mission.  This Board annually prepares a proposed budget for Missions which, when approved by the church members, is funded by all donations designated for "Mission and Outreach" on the church offering envelopes or so designated by a donor on a separate envelope and placed on the offering plate any Sunday.


"The Trustees shall be the custodians of the Church’s property, holding the Real and Personal property in trust, and shall exercise the functions vested in them by the Provincial Statutes.” (Wolfville United Baptist Church Constitution (as amended 21 September 2005, Article VI.2)  The work of the Board of Trustees is to protect and care for the property of the church for the purpose of enabling the congregation to pursue the goals expressed in the church’s Statement of Mission.


The Board of Finance is guided by the Constitution and the By-Laws in these areas:  short and long-range financial planning; budget preparation and presentation; fund-raising; superintending collection of offerings and contributions; monitoring all finances of the Church and approving all bills for payment; arranging for the purchase of all supplies for the Church; and reporting to the Church on a quarterly basis.

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